Idea Office Cochin

Idea Office Cochin Kerala


Mobile Telephony

Broadband Internet


4th Floor, Mercy Estate,

Ravipuram. Cochin,

Kerala 682015 

Contact No.

98470 12345 For Postpaid Customers

98471 12345 For Prepaid Customers

Fax No.

0484 – 2382 121 / 2382 324

Email ID

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12 thoughts on “Idea Office Cochin

  1. Michael Stuart Dickson says:

    my number 9947571289 has been cut off due to the fact that one of your retailers in Trivandrum near bus station has not submitted my papers . I bought 550 rps credit – what do I do, i am a tourist that is getting ripped of !!!!!
    Stuart Dickson, on the road what kind of bloody service is this?

  2. Michael Stuart Dickson says:

    my number 9947571289 has been cut off due to the fact that one of your retailers in Trivandrum has not submitted my papers, passport number, visa number, photo ………
    visa # 0487883
    pp#761207454 PLEASE HELP !!!!! This would be a good IDEA and ? how do you make your retailers responsible???
    Stuart Dickson currently in Munnar Hotel JJ cottage 04865230104
    going too Greenland hotel Kodai soon 04542240899

  3. vysahak onthath says:

    I am interested working in idea..
    Kindly inform me about job vacancy in idea

  4. sir,
    My idea netsetter (3g E1550) software corrupted and PC can’t detect.How to recover from this pls help me.

  5. am more interested working in idea..
    please inform me about job vacancy in idea


  6. Jamal Changaramkulam says:

    Jamal Changaramkulam says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    December 25, 2011 at 8:51 pm
    Dear sir, our 9744352819 netsetter with 7.2MBPS is not working now. we recharged it before one week.. It gives server connection error..!

    There is no 3g coverage in our area. when we bought, the shop keeper said in one month 3g will be available in Edappal Changaramkulam area…! But now its 5 months..!

  7. koduvayur (palakkad)3g tower come

  8. Planning to subscribe IDea 3g net setter Service.
    contact – 9072302746

  9. p.manoharan says:

    18/08/12 we brought one idea broadband 3g connection from paarippally gopies name of meeraani still now connection is not available we request to idea custmercare somany times but no action all are busy in meeting ‘it is good idea’please………


    pls send me the bill for my account no 1.11641622

  11. Dear Sir,
    I want last 15 days incoming and outgoing call details from my Idea number 9562384012. Please send it to me as soon as possible.

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