Deactivate Idea 3G

You can deactivate Idea 3G service anytime to convert your sim card to 2G service. This is simple and easy. You have to send SMS to change your service type.

Send sms DEACT3G to 12345 . This is toll free number.

To know more about 3G services, to change tariff Plans and other information, please dial *147#

To turn off 3G plans for  specific period on your phone, do the following steps-

Go to Settings

Select Network option

Select 2G network on handset

3G packs will be remain activated, but service will be from 2G network.

To deactivate plans, call customer care.

3 thoughts on “Deactivate Idea 3G

  1. After subscribing to IDEA 3g services in Hyd my mobily is looking for network. Its difficult to manage the battery as the mobile is not finding network. Please make it better.

  2. how to deactivate ma idea broadband 3G

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